The Brigand

Not so bright minded, human-sized orc warriors. Uses one-handed primitive weapons and no shields or armor. Relies mostly on their innate ability to swing heavy clubs and maces. Their attacks are slow but effective.


The Rogue

Fast and stealthy. This hooded warriors lurks in the shadows and attacks fast with precise strikes. Uses mostly scimitars and short swords. With their low health, they are easily taken down once cought in stride.


The Witch

A female orc elite fighter. They are as dangerous as “beautiful”. Uses two-handed long swords, which precise strikes will deliver vast damage to their opponents. In addition, those female soldiers are using combo moves, that very often ends up with their foes destruction. Their only weakness is the lack of defense


The Pretty Boy

Three words – big, strong and dumb. Those orc giants have no armor, no shields and no tactics, but their huge two-handed long axes and extreme muscle power makes them a formidable enemy. Beware! Swinging those axes like child toys may accidentally turn their attacks in a deadly combo strikes.


The True Menace

Heavy armored-wolf warrior. Typically uses one-handed swords or axes and shields. Their armor and defense capabilities combined with clever attack techniques, makes those warriors a worthy and extremely hard to kill opponents.


The Witch Doctor

Chieftant priests – those warlords are known for their unspoken brutallity. Armed with short axes or swords and shields, they know no mercy. Light armor is their only weakness.


The Little One

Gigantic monster. Once unleashed it can not be stopped easily. Enourmous health, two-handed axe, able to block and contra-attack. If you meet this beast, there is only one thing anyone with common sens would do – RUN!