KRUM – Battle Arena is a competitive , asynchronous , hack and slash, action game.
It has a unique combat system, that is simple to learn but tricky to master, that’s unlike almost any other action video game out there. It’s nothing like a click-and-slash button masher, nor it’s another DS clone. 

The nature of the fights suggests that you will have to plan your timing, in order to strike or parry at the very best moment. Each weapon has a few easy to execute but brutal combos.

The game leans heavily on action, but when the combats are so perilous and gritty,  you’ll often find yourself in what feels like a stand-off. Either battling monsters or common warriors,  you will be eagerly waiting for your turn to come. You will face countless fearsome mobs and grotesque beasts, hidden deadly traps, powerful demon knights and more…


Player chooses country and then fights for control on multiple arenas in the Panoria World.

The goal is to survive all waves in each arena and win rewards, by fighting your way through gruesome enemies and blood-thirsty monsters.
Winning, ranks up the players in various leaderboards, personally and on the behalf of the country the player is presenting.
A win also gives one point to the player country, unlocking  special area, where players can upgrade the arena defenders or decrease their upgrades if arena is owned by another country. The higher ranking country owns the arena. 

Conquering, dominating and defending all 11 arenas in Panoria World is the ultimate goal for players from each fighting country.

Good luck warriors! Make your country proud!

The game is under development and many features and content will be missing from the Alpha and Beta builds.